Phone screens

I know everyone is already used to have a phone with at least some kind of hole in it. A hole, notch, curved edges, whatever it makes part of the screen to be missing it’s what still makes me mad sometimes. Of course, after the first iPhone with a notch came out it became acceptable, even desired thing. Other smartphone makers followed the trend as if they didn’t want to look weird or outdated with phones with no notch. Then they started to innovate, make it smaller, make it just a punch hole, call it “dynamic island” :)… but for me it doesn’t work. Reason for this is because there are still use cases where it just gets in the way. Sometimes in games, but more often while viewing pictures or watching videos. When something interesting is hiding just behind the notch and I need to zoom and pan the picture to see what’s there, I get mad with the current smartphone screens situation. I can juat hope one day, in the near future, we’ll have full rectangular screens again.

Unfortunately, seeing that Apple now does the same with their laptops where there’s no need anyway for a notch, I feel like this trend will stay for a while. I was patiently waiting for five years after the first iPhone with a notch came out before I got mine, so I guess one day I’ll have it on my laptop too :(

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