There's no privacy on social networks

This might sound so obvious to people who know how the Internet works, but I think to quite a lot of people this might come as a shock. All the privacy settings on social networks and forums are worthless. I’ll explain why.

Whenever you share a thought or a picture on the web, remember that it can be reshared by anyone else who has access to it. No privacy setting can prevent another person from taking a screenshot or copy-paste your post. Remember Snapchat’s revolutionary feature of autodestroy messages? Users quickly learned to bypass it with a simple screenshot.

This is also a reason I don’t believe in closed social networks and rather share my thoughts publicly here and on my Twitter account. I don’t want to have a false belief that my stuff is protected by a social network. And as a consequence I don’t share anything I’m not comfortable to share with all the public. Remember this next time you want to share something more private and find yourself adjusting the privacy settings of your post.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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