My work

My work

Here I’ll list some of my projects I did in my free time. The work I do on my day job you can find elsewhere :)

  • Event Timing - An application I created to easily see how much time passed since or how much time to some event. I was interested in various time units for this period so I can easily see the interval in seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks as a unit of time. I also added support for toast notification which can be useful to notify you prior to some important event like anniversary (guess where I got the idea from :)) Not that I forget about it, but I was genuinely interested in how much time we were together in different time units.

  • Days from today - A web version of the application before. I just wanted to have this little utility available from any device. That was enough of motivation to fulfill my desire to try some new web technology and this is the result.

  • Bookmark Tiles – An application which will make your IE bookmarks on start screen look beautiful with custom icon, title and URL. Created just because I didn’t like that my bookmark for Google was a plain white tile.

  • RemindMe ToDo – Plain simple to do application. What makes it stand out from other similar applications is its simplicity, but also possibility to categorize tasks in lists and pin each list or task to start screen.

  • Where You At – Remember Google Latitude? This is similar application which enables you to know location of people you follow. You can also let other people know where you currently are, but of course you can do that only when you want and only with people you want.

  • Choozr – Just choose! Make decisions for people you don’t know, about various things you don’t care about. ​When in doubt, just post your question and get help from people from around the world.

  • Equations – You learned at school how to solve equations, but not like these. Test your math skills by creating equations from available numbers and operators.

  • Kad će Kiša – This one is interesting only to people living in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s the best weather forecast available. Simple, precise and funny. All data is collected from

  • Send to the future – Sending messages to yourself in the future. Plain and simple, but can be useful as a reminder or note taking application.

  • Guess Who? – My first multiplayer quiz game. Idea isn’t original, but I just needed something to play with while implementating everything from client to server.

  • Guess the Celeb – I just wanted to create a game, some simple quiz. And since there were already a lot “guess the logo” games I decided to make a celebrity quiz game.

  • Stopwatch – My first Windows Phone application. Created just from curiosity to try out that strange new world of Windows Phone OS. I use it regulary even these days.