iPhone Face ID vs. touch ID

A year after I switched to an iPhone with Face ID, I still miss touch ID There are multiple reasons why I liked touch ID better:

  • You can unlock the phone from any angle or inside your pocket if you need to
  • You don’t need to look at your phone to unlock it
  • Face ID sometimes has issues for example when it’s a sunny day and I’m wearing sunglasses
  • Other then looking cool and new shiny thing they introduced with iPhone X, I don’t see any benefit or usability improvements from Face ID. You still need to touch the phone to turn on the display, so why not touch to unlock
  • I believe you can hack the Face ID with an owner’s photo or something

I know removing the home button from iPhone allowed the screen to be bigger and that’s great. I juat think there are better ways to unlock it than Face ID. Fingerprint sensor inside the screen for example is nothing new as other companies have apready done it, I just hope Apple won’t be so stubborn with having Face ID as the only option for much longer.

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