Using Toshl finances

It has been four years since I started using Toshl for managing my personal finances. What I liked the most about it is it’s simplicity. While simple, it still lets you categorize your finances as complicated as you want. The most informative way I use Toshl is to track how much I spent or saved during a given period and on what categories did I spend the most. The reason they always supported a wide variety of platform also pleased me, especially since I’m a user of much smaller Windows Phone platform. But even if you use a platform they don’t support, there’s always their recently updated web application

Xamarin.Forms hands on

For some time I wanted to try Xamarin for multi platform mobile app development. Recently I got very basic app idea suggested by a friend and it looked like a perfect excuse to finally try Xamarin. Of course that Microsoft recent acquisition of Xamarin and giving the technology to developers for free gave me more reasons to do it.

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Migrating from Google App Engine

As you might have read in my first blog post, I built a push notifications server on Google App Engine. It was nearly three years ago and at that point it looked nice to me to build a server in Java, deploy it on Google’s service and not have to pay a cent for it. Recently a few requirements arose and while I didn’t want to make the effort of whole service migration, I eventually did it. Here I’ll write what were the reasons for that and how I managed to do it safe and simple.

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Cordova for Windows 10 troubles

One of my recent tasks at work was to port a mobile web app to Windows 10 UWP. The app was built using Apache Cordova, and as Cordova and Microsoft worked together to support Windows 10, this should be pretty straightforward. Nobody really expected it to be as simple as it was advertised, and I was ready for the multi platform development troubles.

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